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Masako Koike Sohga
After 27 years with teaching Omoteseke Style Tea Ceremony in New York Nippon Club and my home Sohga-an as well as Pennsylvania State University since 1993, I had returned to Japan recently because of my eye illness.  During staying in New York, I taught Japanese Tea to more than one thousand pupils or students, and among them more than 20 people had grown up as the authorized instructors.

It is my great pleasure that Omotesenke Style Tea Ceremony has been now spreading widely in New York Metropolitan Area.

I had also endeavored with my husband for establishing Omotesenke Domonkai in Eastern Region, USA, which will celebrate 10 years anniversary next year. I will be helpful as a senior councilor of Domonkai there even after going back to Japan.

I will willingly introduce my successor Mis. Ruriko Soryu Yamakawa, an Authorized Instructor of Omotesenke Style Tea Ceremony. She is teaching at the Nippon Club in Manhattan, NYC.  Please enjoy traditional Japanese Tea with her.

Masako Sohga Koike
Omotesenke Professor
148-7 Wakamatsu, Abiko City
Chiba 270-1147, JAPAN
Tel.& Fax. 04-7169 7489
Email: msohgakoike@yahoo.co.jp